Free Initial Consult

We meet to hear your situation and medical condition, and we make an assessment of how suitable the dietary therapy is for you.

  • Initial meet and assessment of suitability (free)
  • Permission to communicate with your Consultant or GP
  • If we agree to move ahead together, we will provide a contract for the 3 month trial period.


3 Month Trial Plan

  • Take full diet history
  • Full nutrition assessment
  • Arrange full base line blood work before treatment
  • Calculate individualised Keto-Prescription
  • Initial 3-5 recipes
  • Calculator account setup and training
  • Detailed monitoring of ketones, bloods, seizures/event, and food analysis
  • Revised Keto-Prescription



Rollover Monthly Plan

Typically the dietary therapy continues for approximately 2 years.

We provide essential ongoing support throughout this period.

  • Keto-Prescription changes
  • Calculator Support
  • Recipe review support
  • Analysis and tracking
    • 3-6 monthly food analysis
    • repeat prescriptions
  • Scheduled meetup reviews
  • Diet weaning prescriptions

What do you actually provide on the plan?

Free Initial Consult

The purpose of the initial consult is to meet you, and find out your situation. The Ketogenic Dietary Therapy is not an easy road, and unfortunately isn't appropriate for every situation. As a ketogenic dietitian I can assess the viability of the therapy for you, and in consultation with your GP or Consultant decide if it is an option.

3 Month Trial Plan

The reason we do a 3 month trial is that for most people we will see some benefits starting within this period. Everyone is different, but regardless there is a lag between starting or changing your prescription, and seeing any result. This is the most intensive period where we do the initial recording/testing, and a lot of training, tweaking food prescriptions, and generating recipes. After the 3 month period you can choose to stop if you wish.

The 3 month trial plan is paid monthly in advance. Please check your health insurance company limits and ask us about pricing.

Rollover Monthly Plan

The rollover monthly plan gives you the specialist dietitian support you need for this phase of the diet. You can choose to stop the diet and the plan at any time.

In this phase you will receive all the support, training, monitoring and prescription changes you require. This phase of the diet is less intensive than the initial 3 month trial period.

The rollover monthly plan is paid monthly in advance. Please check your health insurance company limits and ask us about pricing.


We will provide you with the tools to manage your part of the diet. These include:

  • Keto Calculator account setup
  • Initial Recipes
  • Epilepsy Keto Shake plan
  • GP / Other health professionals explanation letter and contact details
  • Sick day plan
  • Glucose Meter
  • Monitoring tool

How Does it Work?

Unlimited email & Txt support. Urgent phone support. Zoom video conferencing as nescessary.

As a dietitian my role is primarily to support you in maintaining the Ketogenic Dietary Therapy. I do this in the following ways:

  • I will take a full diet history from you and complete a nutritional assessment.
  • I will arrange full base line bloods to be taken, so we know your 'starting point' for blood sugars, ketones etc.
  • I create a detailed food prescription, this is specific to you. This is the aim of n% fat, n% carbohydrate and n% protein.
  • I then provide you with some initial recipes matching your food prescription.
  • I train you on how to use the keto calculator to create your own recipes matching the food prescription.
  • Together we take detailed records of your blood sugars, ketones, food diary, (seizures/migraines).
  • I continue with nutritional assessment and food prescription changes to get your ketone levels where we need them, and monitor improvements.
  • After the initial intensive 3 month period, I continue anaylsis and tracking to monitor your safety on the diet.
  • I provide help and support with recipe ideas and issues.
  • I will have scheduled meetup reviews with you.
  • I will manage the weaning off the diet with the necessary food prescriptions back to a normal diet.