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Therapeutic keto diet used to treat epilepsy: Calls for more ... › news › national › therapeutic-keto-die...

20/03/2021 — Enter Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) dietician Charlene Tan-Smith, who in 2016 was just getting started on using the keto diet to treat ...

New South Island service provides relief for kids with drug ... › article › undoctored › new-south-i...

21/11/2019 — After beginning ketogenic dietary therapy (KDT) to control Zachary Dunn's ... Ketogenic Dietary Therapy Service, led by Charlene Tan-Smith, South Island Clinical Lead (Ketogenics) and Paediatric and Ketogenic Dietitian, ...

Matthews Friends Canada have a mission to "improve the quality of life and independence of those who are requiring the ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy and other neurological disorders." 

They achive this through raising public awareness of the ketogenic diet therapy, providing evidence based information, support to families and patients, and supporting learning / training of health care professionals.

Jennifer Fabe BSc.MCc.R.D has been president of Matthew's Friends Canada since 2015. As the registered dietitian of the Ketogenic Diet Program in the Division of Neurology at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Jennifer has developed the ‘Low and Slow’ outpatient ketogenic diet initiation method.

Phone 289-652-1929 1-844-MFC-KETO 
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