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Charlene Tan-Smith
Charlene Tan-Smith
Ketogenic Dietitian | New Zealand Registered Dietitian
I have been a New Zealand registered dietitian since 2005, both in private and public practice with most of that time at Christchurch Public Hospital CDHB. I have specialised in pediatrics since 2006, previously as a nutritionist for Ministry of Health in Singapore. I am currently the Paediatric Ketogenic Dietitian at Christchurch Hospital working with the team to treat children with refractory epilepsy. I have a passion for helping people through the Ketogenic Diet, and continue to increase my knowledge and experience through my international networks. I love that the Ketogenic Diet is a fascinating treatment still developing and growing, and is starting to be used in exciting ways worldwide for more conditions in both children and adults.

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I think of myself as a friendly person! So if you want a no pressure chat about Ketogenic Dietary Therapy, please feel free to contact me.

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